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Are Insurance Companies going to be Fair?

Attached to this short article is a recent NOTICE from the Insurance Commissioner for the State of California, Richard Lara. Therein, it clearly states that some insurers in the State are unfairly taking advantage of the COVID-19 crisis by making unjustifiably low settlement offers knowing the need of claimants [...]

Is your Dog Covered?

I recently settled a case involving a horrible attack by two dogs who escaped off of the owner’s property and viciously attacked my Client who was simply walking down the street a short distance from his residence. My Client suffered catastrophic injuries, but with any personal injury matter there is [...]

Uninsured Motorist Coverage Must Match your Liability Limits

Uninsured Motorist Coverage must match your Liability Limits or you are not taking care of Yourself. By having higher liability limits than uninsured motorist coverage, you are protecting everyone else more than you are protecting yourself and family, or anyone else who happens to be in your vehicle. Why [...]

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