About Us

Mr. Kakadelas attended law school in Los Angeles, at Southwestern University School of Law after having graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English. He practiced in Los Angeles for a number of years working in several offices doing primarily personal injury litigation. Eventually, from visits with family in San Diego, he decided that he wanted to raise his family and moved to North County San Diego. There was a period of transition from cases in Los Angeles to cases in San Diego, but he has generally cut the ties to Los Angeles and has focused his practice to matters in San Diego.

Mr. Kakadelas has been an active member for a number of years of the Inns of Court and Consumer Attorneys of San Diego, organizations that afford camaraderie with San Diego attorneys and Judges, in addition to continuing legal education and sharing of information and ideas.

In his home, Mr. Kakadelas places great worth on family values and traditions. He believes that having a well defined set of values helps solidify the foundation of each of our lives and affords support and aid when life doesn’t always go according to plan. These same values are a part of not only the home, but of life in general, and most certainly a part of their respective professional activities.

Mr. Kakadelas would welcome the opportunity to help you when things have not gone as hoped or planed incorporating these same values and traditions.

Mr. Kakadelas knows and appreciates the value and worth of family. As his children have grown-up and grandchildren have started to arrive, he looks back in appreciation of his wife and her support of the home. They have witnessed joy and sorrow around them, but have always tried to extend their help to others. They have both served in youth leadership positions within the community and faith based organizations. They have cherished the opportunities to work with young people, and Mr. Kakadelas served on the Board of Directors of a large non-profit youth sports club. He has cherished the friendships that developed in the various positions of service.

Mr. Kakadelas welcomes the opportunity to help others, and he has the same loyalties and commitment to each of his Clients as he has tried to render to all of the various organizations with whom he has been involved.

Our Principles:

  • We will not represent you unless we believe your case has merit.
  • We will always give you our best efforts because we don’t do anything half hearted.
  • We will always tell you the absolute truth about your case… Good or bad.
  • We will always provide you with the personal attention you deserve.

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